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This is a performance project of self-isolation, which is an attempt for a reconciliation between myself and my homeland. On this late homeward journey which was a 14-day absolute isolation, the queries about self-existence and fantasy and waiting for the unknown time both evoked my imagination and memory of my homeland.

 The flight from Paris to Wuhan in January was informed to be cancelled. Two months later, the originally stalled plan to return home was re-started. I bought a flight ticket from Paris to Shanghai on 9th, March and stayed there for more than three months. Finally, I returned to Wuhan in June.


 I have always paid attention to the perception and experience brought by subtle time differences in daily life, which could be seen as the internal time. I couldn't imagine the feelings and fill the void in the period when trapped in my home for more than 70 days and nights. I have realised that the only way to make up for the missing and blocked imagination is repaying my time to this city which I have no nostalgia for.


 During the whole this project, I have stayed in a room with no time reference for 14 days, without the mobile phone, computer and even a clock, leaving only a watch that had been stopped at 5:10 which was uncertain whether it was a AM time or PM time. And I have set the monitoring time on January 1, 2020. The sound of the environment and people outside the window was the only basis for me to judge how much time had passed vaguely. I did the same things repeatedly in this room, getting up, writing and reading, smoking, eating simple things, sleeping, and waiting.

I wrote a letter every day, and slipped under the door. My family would send the letters to my friends the next day. There were totally 14 letters. And every day I recorded what I think of "this moment" via taking a photo and writing.