Artist, writer (b.1993)
Lives and works in Shanghai and Paris

Han Qian's work is based on the body and perceptual time, focusing on the intertwined and entwined time that stretches between the real and the imagination, the everydayness and the other, and reflecting on it through the threads of memory, dreams and history. Attempting to present her long-term projects as a constant journey between past and present, within which the private individual is a ghost-like thread, searching for the possibility of symbiosis and dialogue with the external. Her works uses video, installation, performance and text as a medium.



2017 - 2021  École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-arts de Paris, Paris, France

2012 - 2016   Accademia di belle arti di Roma, Italy

Selected Exhibitions

Se tient au centre du monde avec une bande de herissons blottis, Silencieux,  Exposition DNSAP, Atelier Ann Veronica Janssens, Beaux-arts de Paris, France, 2021

Jardin Secret, Théâtre des Exposition, Paris,  France, 2021

La Representation D'Inquietude Et L'Inquiétude De La Représentation, Paris Asian Art Fair, Paris, France, 2020

Photo Saint Germain, Atelier Dove Allouche, Paris, France, 2019


La Fenêtre, Galerie 89, Paris, France, 2019

DNAP, Beaux-Arts de Paris, Atelier Patrick Tosani, Paris, France, 2019

Concrete China, Galerie Raibaudi Wang, Paris, France, 2019

Intervalles De La Durée,  Galerie du Crous, Paris, France, 2019

Fake Festival, Galerie Paris horizon, Paris, France, 2018

Family of No Man,  Cosmos / Arles 2018, Arles, France, 2018

Synchronisation, Espace des arts sans frontières, Paris, France, 2018



《梦见一名叫 Farinetto Christian 的旅人》, Jiazazhi 小径


Park Chae Biole and Park Chae Dalle, La maison fraternelle, Paris

诗与影像,Jiazazhi Liibrary, Ningbo


艺术家,写作者 (b.1993)

韩倩的创作从身体与感知时间出发,关注在真实和想象、日常与他者中绵延出的交织时间, 通过记忆、梦境与历史 为线索对其展开思考。试图将她的长期项目作为不断往返于过去与 现在的旅程,私密的个体在其内如同幽灵般的线索, 寻找与外部共生的可能和对话。她的 创作实践以录像、装置、行为与文本等为媒介。



2017 -  2021  法国巴黎国立高等美术学院

2012 - 2016   意大利罗马国立美术学院


站在世界的中心 与一群紧依偎的刺猬, 沉默,Ann Veronica Janssens工作室, 巴黎国立高等美术学院, 法国巴黎, 2021

Jardin Secret, Théâtre des Exposition, 法国巴黎, 2021

不安的表象, Asia Now 巴黎亚洲艺术博览会, 法国巴黎, 2020

Photo Saint Germain, Dove Allouche工作室, 法国巴黎, 2019

橱窗,  89画廊, 法国巴黎, 2019

DNAP, Patrick Tosani工作室,巴黎国立高等美术学院, 法国巴黎, 2019

Concrete China, Raibaudi Wang画廊, 法国巴黎, 2019

绵延之间,  Galerie du Crous画廊, 法国巴黎, 2019

伪造的节日, Galerie Paris Horizon画廊, 法国巴黎, 2018

Family of No Man,  Cosmos Arles, 法国阿尔勒国际摄影节, 2018
Synchronisation, Espace des arts sans frontières艺术空间, 法国巴黎, 2018



《梦见一名叫 Farinetto Christian 的旅人》假杂志小径


Park Chae Biole and Park Chae Dalle, La maison fraternelle, 巴黎