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Poems By Hidden Gravel





“在一些时间里,我存在,在另一些时间里,我并不存在。每个被掩盖在石头中的单词被风、雨、细沙、灰尘、 时间冲刷,遮起来又忽然显现,我们无法知道已经发生了什么或将要发生什么,只有我们和我们所见之物。”

Qian obsesses over the wandering state between objects and memories, these repeatedly outlined French words, some long familiar and some repeatedly forgotten, words that have long since melted into memory without being able to be located. Through this poem composed of random memory words, while recalling forgotten memories, memories that have been washed away and erased by time.

At some moments I exist, at others I do not. Each word covered in stone is washed away by wind, rain, fine sand, dust, time, covered and suddenly revealed, we cannot know what has happened or what will happen, only us and what is visible.


Words, gravel, wind, rain

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