Sound Installation

Time is a presence often neglected in our daily lives because we are there, and our perception of it isabstract and uncertain. Maybe the clock can remind us of the time we're at, but could it really represent the time we're at?


The memory is not a reappearance of the past; indeed, the past founds the state in which our present is inscribed and it is through this that the memory is produced. The past is built by its own present, and the duration is none other than this coexistence of past and present. duration is not a mere continuation, but a synthesis. In the duration of consciousness, the different consciousnesses are constantly gathered together. The past manifests itself in every moment of the present by involuntarily incorporating itself into the consciousness of the present, transforming itself into something of actuality. Therefore, our perception of time is the perception of personal experience.

In 2018, I collected responses from people of different ages, from different professions, to the question "What do you think can express the time?" I extract fragments of their responses and form what I understand as a poetic expression of time, This work comes from their responses on time and my imagination on time.