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Dust, an inch of breathing

Mixed media, Synchronous three-channel HD video, color and sounds, 20sec

Dimensions variable, 2017


When Qian moved out of her first apartment in Paris, in the process of emptying it, she felt that the house where she had lived for a year was surrounded by traces of her past routine. The things that had disappeared made her question what had once existed and what she remembered.


The artist sticks the dust to every inch of the room with a roller, and attempts to extract and reshape the neglected traces of daily routine through this act. The dust collected from the rooms is eventually collaged into an abstract painting. In an attempt to perceive the subtle mediums hidden in time, and using the combination of memories and unrememberable objects as a way to evoke memories and imagination.



                                                                                    Rainer Maria Rilke


Dust, Mixed media, collage

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