Invisible Memory, 2017

视频 20 秒


在我搬离巴黎第一个住所时,我将它归置于原始的模样。在这个从无到有再成为无的这个周而复始的过程中,这个“家”的空间不断地缩小又扩大。 在整理家宅的记忆时,我对于自身曾经存在过的事实产生了疑问。

我收集了这一年的灰尘,试图揭露那些隐藏在时间中的细节,从而证明它们曾经的存在, 并把回忆与无法忆起之物的结合当作唤起记忆和想象的途径。


Invisible Memory, 2017

Video 20sec

When I moved out of my first apartment in Paris, I rearranged it to its original condition. During the repetitive process of the apartment being “emptied”, “refilled” and “emptied” again, the space of my “home” was incessantly shrinking and expanding. While sorting through the memories of my family home, I questioned about the fact that I had ever existed.

I have collected the dust of the year, trying to reveal the details hidden in time, thus proving their existence, and using the combination of memories and unrememberable objects as a way to evoke memories and imagination.