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胶片,幻灯机,职工卡片,红砖,手套,工作服,铁板, 2023





Here, Now, Always

Reversal film, slide projector, employee cards, red brick, gloves, overalls, iron plate, 2023


Qingshan, a land that was once a wilderness, brought together people from all over the country in the 1950s and 1960s. These industrial immigrants were quickly thrown into the industrial construction of the huge steel mills. While a new industrial city was being built, they not only built new homes but also constructed their identity as new immigrants. And now, the communities and homes they once built with their bare hands are in ruins.


Han Qian photographed her collection of WISCO workers' cards and photographed the community that was once built but is now once again in ruins. In the circulation of an old slide projector, these two scenes appear randomly.

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