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在这部录像中艺术家将跨越了时间的空间场景串联起来,将不同时期的自然力量并置其中 —— 那些生长起来的植被和大片的沙漠,对岸正在工作的钢厂机器和成群的高楼住宅,向下游流动的江水和向上游吹去的风,以及最初建造这片土地房屋的红砖和坍塌拆毁的红色粉末… 它们在此被不可见的力量缠绕并重塑,形成一涨一落的呼吸。

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A Rising and Falling Breath

Synchronous dual-channel 4k video, color & stereo channel, 9’35’’, 2023

Tianxingzhou - a sandbar that began as a deserted island, was over 800 years of history and has flooded frequently since it took shape. Today, it is one of the largest sandbars on the Yangtze section, but all that remains of the island are old people, old houses, and large reed beds.

Recently, it has continued to influence the regional landscape and the migration of human activity in processes unnoticeable to humans and continues to drift downstream at a speed that cannot be surveyed by the naked eye. Every year, during the dry season, the head of the island reveals a vast desert made of sediment transported from the upper reaches of the river, while during the high season, the head of the island is the first section to disappear and sink into the river, and therefore no buildings, crops, or farmland can remain, creating a deserted scene. At the end of the island, people could build embankments and houses, plant fruits and vegetables, and cultivate farmland because they were far away from the direct scouring force, presenting a completely different geomorphological feature and trajectory of human activities than at the head of the island.

The artist has been to the island many times recently, and she gradually feels the connection between this sandbar, which has undergone a long period of sedimentation and drift, and her encounter, in which this isolated sandbar has become an embodied image of her homeland. Therefore, in this double-frequency video, the artist attempts to use this sandbar as an entry point to the land that is connected to her life. The two scenes in the video span two seasons, the high water season and the low water season, and present the image of red brick powder floating along from the end of the island in the high water season to the head of the island in the low water season, as the artist tries sending it through the movement of the wind to the source of the sandbar, which has disappeared due to erosion.

In this video, the artist strings together spatial scenes that span time, juxtaposing the forces of nature at different times - the growing vegetation and the vast desert, the working steel mills and clusters of high-rise houses, the river flowing downstream and the wind blowing upstream, the red bricks that first built the land and the red powder that collapsed and demolished it. . . they are here entwined and reshaped by unseen forces, forming a breath that rises and falls.

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