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这件作品延续自韩倩2020的录像短片《她 他 她 他》。她的梦境与记忆索引她追溯至家族的历史,聚焦在这座因武钢而建的武汉市青山区。“青山”——这片过去布满水田与丘陵的渔村,因武钢选址于此,因此由过去自然意义上的“青山”转向了带着工业象征的青山区。这片整齐划一如兵营般布局的独特社区,便是韩倩与祖父母度过童年时期的居所。




Missing Paths

Synchronous dual-channel HD video, color & sound, 14’37’', 2022


This work is a continuation of Han Qian 2020's short video 'ELLE IL ELLE IL'. Her dreams and memories lead her back to her family's history, focusing on the Qingshan district of Wuhan City, which was built because of Wuhan Iron and Steel Corporation. This former fishing village of paddy fields and ponds was rebranded from a natural geographical Qingshan and has thus been transformed into the industrial symbol of Qingshan District due to the construction of WISCO. Qian spent her childhood with her grandparents in this community of neatly planned unique neighborhoods.


The path connects Qian's own home to the home she lived in with her grandparents.  Her grandmother goes with her to walk home after each meal and then returns alone. With the demolition of her grandparent's old house in the summer of 2018, this journey of 30 min is no longer relevant and the daily routine of the past dissolves into memory. Waiting becomes like an illusion between the subjective perspective and the imagined gaze, and the vanished space may be reconstructed in the encounter at the end of the video.

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