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Missing Paths

Synchronous dual-channel HD video, color & sound, 14’19’’, 2022


Qingshan——formerly a fishing village adorned with rice fields and hills, transformed with the site selection and establishment of the Wugang steel plant. Once named by natural geography Qingshan now has transformed into an industrial symbol. The artist spent her childhood with her grandparents in this community of neatly planned unique neighborhoods.

The path in the video connects the artist's own home to the home where she spent her childhood with her grandparents. After each meal, her grandmother used to accompany her on this walk and then return alone. With the demolition of the old house in the summer of 2018, this journey is no longer relevant, and this once familiar route became a part of her memories. Accompanied by video with the interweaving of subjective perspectives and imaginative glances, and rubbing shoulders in chance encounters, the once-vanished space may perhaps be reconstructed in an encounter at the end of the path.

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