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Veronica persica

Single channel 4k video, color&stereo channel, 15’38’’, 2023

Veronica persica is native to the Caucasus region, located at the border of Western Asia and Eastern Europe. The ancient records dating back to the Middle Ages have failed to establish their exact source. This plant gradually spread from the Caucasus to Europe, Britain, Asia, and China... carried by the wind and migrated by human behavior.

In China, it is listed as an invasive foreign species. It was first discovered and recorded in 1933 and harvested from Wuhan, Hubei. This plant also grew next to the artist's grandmother's former house. After the house was demolished, the artist walked through the ruins of the old house, and unexpectedly found this little blue flower that had accompanied her childhood memories, and still blooming where it once was.


In this semi-fictional film, the artist interweaves her grandmother's journey as a first-generation immigrant to Wuhan's Qingshan due to industrial construction with the journey of Veronica persica. By reorganizing records of Veronica persica from different periods, regions, and countries, the main narrative thread is formed by the morphological description of this plant. The perspective of wandering through close-ups of the figure's body and the landscape along the way creates subtle differences and connections.

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