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影像装置,河沙,单频 4k 有声影像,彩色立体声,6分47秒,2024




In the lane, It draws

Video installation, River sand, Single channel 4k video, color, stereo channel, 06’47’’, 2024

Due to urban planning, the original native riverbank flats of the Qing Shan section are gradually shrinking. Apart from the neatly planned routes, only a primitive pathway remains for solitary walks of one or two people. The artist searches along this remaining riverbank, picking up various sediments transported here naturally. These materials, from different times and spaces, have been gradually shaped into circular or elliptical surfaces by the continuous erosion of the river water. They carry the memories of upstream and river waters, forming the paths of the flats' past, most of which have now disappeared.

In the video, the artist uses the collected pebbles to piece together the interior space of the old house from memory, while the voiceover in the video comes from the artist's grandfather describing the same old house space in a verbal map. In the intertwining of geological time and personal time, in the movement of hands and the stagnation of words, lie the gaps of wandering memories and the traces of paths.

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