我从2018年十月至2019年十月一年里所记录的日常起床和睡觉的时间。空白时间红色字体的部分是我缺席不在家的日子。 对于我来说家的空间是一个充满诗意的地方,作为日常一个空间上的定位,每天日常活动的轨迹的场所。



Qian began collecting her daily wake-up and bedtime, as well as her bed, in October 2018, with the numbers being the date of each day and the blank spaces being the days when she was absent from home.

For Qian, the home space is a place full of poetry, as a daily position on a space, and in a certain degree, also her position in a period of time. In the space of the "house" there are countless compressed time, she began to hope to record these compressed invisible time, the trajectory of daily activities, but she realized that the so-called daily trajectory is only an imaginary concept, but what really attracts her is a process of reorganization of the daily space.

 She wanted to complete a reorganization and imaginative reconstruction of her daily meetings with two defined points in time. She will continue this project until October 2019 and it will be her calendar for the year.