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Intervening Time




Qian began collecting my daily wake-up and bedtime over a year, from October 2018 to October 2019, containing the date of each day and the exact time Qian woke up and went to bed. The empty spaces represent the days she was away from home.The home space is a place full of poetry, as a daily position on a space, and in a certain degree, also the position in a period of time.


Qian wanted to complete a reorganisation and imaginative reconstruction of her daily meetings with two defined points in time. In a year-long project, Qian wanted to make an imaginary reorganisation and reconstruction from two specific points in time and the certainty of the existence of the self.

These mnemonic dates stimulate the individual's imagination of his or her own memory of the past and perception of things, transforming them into a perceptible inner matter; an awareness of something; the sum of experiences of things felt in everyday time, thus forming an activity.

Calendars edition, installation