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亚克力 UV 喷绘印刷, 20x30x30cm
UV Print Under Acrylic Plexiglas


 装置,亚克力 UV 喷绘印刷




19 Days, 30 Minutes

Installation, UV print under acrylic plexiglass

Dimensions variable, 2019


This installation of 38 images is composed of the photography of sunrise and sunset recorded by Qian over 19 consecutive days.

Suspicious timing markings aside, When it is not possible to simply perceive the difference between sunrise and sunset from the pictures. The perception and scale of time begin to loosen, and the times of dawn and sunset on the first day have shifted after 19 days, eventually producing a 30-minute interval. The imagery is stranded in the alternating cycles of time, and perhaps these ambiguous lights provide the hidden path of these hidden 30 minutes.

_MG_7187 ©FlorentineCharon.tiff
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