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Resisting, Reposing II

Iron sheets, hematite, wood, plants, seawater, shells. 2023

Dimensions variable

Buried vegetation, sedimented debris, condensed crystals, burning stones, and animal remains… are Han Qian's memories of the mountains,

Fragmented life invites us to peer at the transformation of its inner nature, and the intimate relations of matter residing in different times and spaces to its surroundings.


In this work, the artist continues her memory of this journey. During the alternating seasons of spring and winter, along the Yangtze River. she collects withered and faded vegetation that is going to be buried and decayed. the humid northern season, she uses seawater to slowly corrode the iron plates, thus presenting a negative image of these vegetation on the plate and leaving a starburst of rust in the surrounding area. Raw ores, wood burnt to charcoal, undersea creatures colored in iron powder, overlapping layers of vegetation, and continuously corroding iron plates with images that will eventually disappear, are revealing each other, depositing and condensing each other.

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