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消失在海底的村落,如同回归大海的山体。空中落下又飘起的灰烬曾经也是一座楼宇,死亡与存在同时在物质的内部凝结。被埋藏的植被、沉积的碎屑、凝结的结晶、燃烧的石头、动物的残骸…  零散的生命邀请我们窥看其内在性质的转换,以及与它周遭事物环境的紧密连接。



Resisting, Reposing II

Iron sheets, hematite, wood, plants, seawater, shells. 2023

Dimensions variable

A village disappears into the seabed, resembling a mountain that returns to the ocean. The ashes that fall and resurge in the air were once a building, with death and existence simultaneously condensing inside matter. Buried vegetation, sedimented debris, condensed crystals, burning stones, and animal remains abound…
Fragmented life invites us to peer at the transformation of its inner nature, as well as the intimate relationship between matter, residing in different times and spaces, and its environment.

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