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But heard, half-heard

Synchronous dual-channel 4k video, color & stereo channel, 13’47’’, 2023


In this synchronous dual-channel video, one of the screens features a scene of  WISCO fad away as the ferry departs. The silent narration follows the diary of a young woman over three years, from her private perspective as a first-generation Wuhan Iron and Steel employee. She recounts how she went from a technical school to a mine in Hubei, and then came to Wuhan to work at Wuhan Iron and Steel. Also included are her personal emotional memories over three years of how she met a man, got to know him, and became a partner three years later.

The second corresponding screen is made up of historical images from the period of WISCO's construction in 1958. From the surveying and site selection to the completion of the factory, as well as the community and collective public space surrounding the factory.


One is the personal identity and private emotions, and on the other is the material and grand narrative. The juxtaposition of the two images reconstructs reality and memory that perhaps existed but was never spoken of. Between the sound of the trumpet about to set sail, and the anticipation of the journey of an imminent arrival; the people arriving from afar; the steel mill built up, and the river that seems to have never changed, the slowly drifting sandbar, is echoing each other, waiting to meet.

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截屏2023-01-27 下午10.11.07.png
截屏2023-01-27 下午10.09.36.png
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