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Resisting, ReposingⅠ

Hematite, ochre powder, linen. 2023

Dimensions variable

Historical sites are associated with the imagination of the past and the reality of the day. Using the long deserted mining site as the clue, the work unravels its tracing of matter and language. Color was once an ancient language revealing its own properties and memory, but eventually replaced by new languages and observations.


In the abandoned mine remains the stone wall fortress that once served as a border road, the artist used mineral powder to topograph this stone wall border on linen, the work presents two different images of topstitched linen and hematite. Beneath the imaginary image is the visible and invisible deposition, forming some kind of power and contingency of things in the unreadable image. Fragile, unstable boundaries as well as life enveloped by discourse and matter remind us of encounters and cycles.

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