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韩倩多次前往这座位于河北的矿山遗址进行考察拍摄,在这部散文电影中,艺术家透过“指代不清”的人称模糊观看与讲述的视角,透过语言在不同的时空、记忆和虚构之间游走。从一块石头到一座山脉,一种颜色到一种物质,一种知识到一种语言,早已离开的人和被遗弃的矿石… 这些身份与记忆在自然中持续沉积,转换。

Stillness Between Two Waves of The Sea

Single channel 4k video, color, stereo channel, 36’38’’, 2022


This project stems from the tracing of family history. Through the loss and imagination of a land, Han Qian attempts to explore how multiple temporalities and spaces encounter and intertwine in a specific land.

In this video, Han Qian focuses on the predecessor of China Shougang, a pre-republic steel mill whose history has seen several regime changes and the struggle between people and land. It all started with a chance accident - a red ore was discovered and the mountain range that gave birth to it was rediscovered and given meaning. Now that the mine is no longer being mined, this village, which was once born out of the mine, and the people who came for this reason, were eventually left behind in this place, just like these red ores that have fallen silent over a long period of time, what was once the field has long since disappeared.

Qian made several trips to this mining site in Hebei to investigate and film. In this essay film, the artist blurs the perspective of viewing and narration through 'ambiguous' personal pronouns, wandering between time and space, and memory and fiction through language. From a rock to a mountain range, a color to a type of matter, a form of knowledge to a language, among those who left long ago, and discarded minerals, these identities and memories continuously sedimented and transformed in nature.

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